Will Health Care In English Continue To Exist?

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This is a Letter To The Editor that was rejected by the major newspapers in New Brunswick July 2009

Views expressed by individuals in these letters are not necessarily the views of the Anglo Society of New Brunswick

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Dear Editor,

It has become increasingly evident that the dark shadow of apartheid “minority rule” is engulfing our province. One only need listen to radio and TV interviews and news casts to determine that most, if not all top positions in government and a large percentage of businesses are held by Francophones. This has recently been proven when a perfectly qualified bilingual English speaking doctor was denied the position to head the new Saint John trauma center.

Instead it appears that a French doctor from Quebec has already been chosen because of upgraded language qualifications which were changed midstream and now trumps all other qualifications.

Recently a French medical college to train new doctors was established at the University of Moncton , with a promise of an English one to be located at the UNB Saint John University , which is yet to become a reality, apparently scheduled for the fall of 2010.

This appears to coincide with the Liberal Government’s recent plan to freeze doctor’s fees for two years, therefore discouraging any more English doctors from relocating to N.B until several French doctors graduate to fill the vacancies and predicted shortages.

Since we haven’t heard from our spineless English politicians on the issue it must already be established that, even though the French population is only around 30%, New Brunswick has become a French province. Apparently they have been warned to keep their mouth closed on such a contentious issue for fear of waking up the sleeping public.

Another glaring example is when the two new health regions were established with the French one being designated region A and the English region B as though English were now the minority.

A May 31st article on the opinion page of the Daily Gleaner by author Tom Hickie tells the story as is happening, yet most New Brunswickers remain silent for fear of being labeled racist. It’s time to wake up and face reality.

By what right does a minority force it’s language on a majority?

Matthew Glenn

President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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