Dieppe Sign Law Bill Z-22…Unconstitutional

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Dear Editor,

According to recent news reports Dieppe’s sign law Bill Z-22 requiring commercial signage to be displayed in both French and English is about to be tested in the courts.

Two billboard rental companies have been repeatedly fined for violating that law and refuse to pay. They consider the law unconstitutional by restricting freedom of expression.

Could it be the mayor and council decided to mirror Quebec’s language laws which also started with a similar Bill 22 ? They later decided to strengthen that law by introducing Bill 138. That worked so well to further reduce the use of the English language an even more oppressive law, Bill 101 was adopted which has all but eliminated the English language in that province.

On March 6th the president of the Acadian Society of N.B. was interviewed on the Saint John radio Tyler McLean show and indicated that the Acadian Society is exploring possible action which could be useful in supporting the city. You may be sure the legal wheels are churning at the University of Moncton.

Since this law was passed it has and is being closely monitored by individuals in the area.
From observations it would appear that the largest percentage of unilingual signage being targeted for infractions by the language police are the English ones.

Also in his interview Mr. Nadeau stated that all the city was asking for was that French be included on outdoor signage. This bylaw Z-22 also requires that French be displayed first. Clearly they have ignored the fact that seventy percent of N.B. citizens “TAX PAYERS” use the English language therefore should always appear first.

Could we be witnessing foreign influence in our provincial affairs?

If this law is allowed to stand it won’t be long until we witness further restrictive language laws such as Bill Z-138 followed later with Bill Z-101 mirroring Quebec.

By what right does a minority force it’s language on a majority?

Matthew Glenn, President,
Anglo Society of N.B.

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