• Upcoming Events That May Be of Interest

    ANGLOPHONE RIGHTS ASSOCIATION OF NB - PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSION We encourage all members to attend these very eye-opening and informative meetings! They are open to the public, so bring a friend, and ask your MLA to attend as well. To make change, we first need to be informed! See you there. To learn more about […more]
  • McKenna Promotes Immigration to NB. Wasn’t He Part of Cause For Out-Migration?

    Jan 18, 2016 To the Editor In response to the January 12th article in the Daily Gleaner entitled “Former Premier Pitches Solution to declining Population” by Krissa Donkin. In the article former premier McKenna promotes the escalation of immigration to help solve the population decline in New Brunswick. He has forgotten that he and his […more]
  • Gallant Not Responsible! Then Who Is?

    Nov 16, 2015 To the Editor Citizens who value the future of this province should be concerned as to how these second language promotional groups such as parents for French as well as the office of the language commissioner and others, are structured to isolate the government from any controversy certain to arise from the […more]
  • Federal Election 2015

    Oct 12, 2015 To the Editor, With the federal election only a few days away it is surprising that there hasn’t been more letters on the opinion pages of the local news papers. No doubt many are using face book and twitter to vent their concerns. With numerous issues at stake this election will make […more]
  • Taxpayers Should Be Concerned

    Sept 21, 2015 To the Editor, It’s time Canadian tax payers were concerned as to how many million dollars it is, and will continue to cost to conduct the ongoing Duffy trial in Ottawa. It reminds one of a group of preschool children on a playground arguing over who said what to whom. The leaders […more]
  • Where Are Our Anglophone Politicians?

    June 29, 2015 To the Editor, There haven’t been many mysteries in New Brunswick in recent years, but one appears to have transpired. That being, where have our Anglophone politicians disappeared to? Were they granted an extended holiday at Larry’s Gulch or some hideaway somewhere in the north woods preventing them from defending the interests […more]
  • Media Reports on May 8th Rally

    May 17, 2015 To the Editor, In response to some media reports on the Equal Rights for N.B. Anglophones May 8th rally at the legislature in Fredericton. The following day a Daily Gleaner article by John Chilibeck entitled “Protesters Condemn Bilingualism” was misleading. At no point did any of the speakers advocate eliminating bilingualism. Actually […more]
  • “Why isn’t my French good enough for jobs”

    The Editor, In response to an April 11th letter to the editor entitled “Why isn’t my French good enough for jobs” by author Katelyn Myra. It is extremely encouraging to witness a young citizen standing up for her rights. For several decades our governments, both Federal and Provincial have been promoting French immersion for English […more]
  • Segregation in New Brunswick

    To the Editor..... In December 1955 in Montgomery Alabama, Rosa Parks a middle aged African American woman defied segregationist policies and refused to go to the back of the bus and give up her seat to a white passenger. Her defiance was the start of a cataclysmic change of events that has forever changed race […more]
  • Notwithstanding Clause

    Due to an ever increasing number of New Brunswickers futures being affected by legislated bilingualism it has once again become a serious topic of discussion. Since many have learned that it is useless to rely on their elected representatives for information or action, they have turned to Facebook and other electronic media to express their […more]
  • Thank-you Mayor Woodside!

    Thank you, Mayor Brad Woodside for having the backbone to ask the question that our elected representatives continually hide from.  Whenever they dare to raise the subject they are severely reprimanded. When was FREE SPEECH removed from our Charter of Rights and Freedoms? In a democracy our MLAs should have the right to introduce and […more]
  • “Village Historique Acadien” gets $300,000.00 Increase In Funding

    While English historic sites are all but ignored the french get more and more of our hard earned money to promote their causes... […more]