“Village Historique Acadien” gets $300,000.00 Increase In Funding

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The Editor,

In a July 9th provincial government news release it was reported that the Village Historique Acadien has received a $300,000.00 increase in operational funding from NB taxpayers.

Considering this large increase, it would be interesting to know how much their previous annual operating funding has been costing. This increase will support several more employees, needed or not.

With the election nearing this appears to be another vote buying scheme.

The report also stated that in addition, Les Amis du Village Historique Acadien Inc. will receive $17,360 to implement a new redesign and concept to welcome visitors to the Village.

This increased funding will help the Village continue to flourish, deliver on it’s important mandate, and provide valuable services to New Brunswicker’s and visitors.

When will there be an equal amount awarded to Kings Landing here in the southern part of the province? According to a recent report in the Daily Gleaner the general manager and directors have supposedly been lobbying the government for necessary funding to do much needed upgrades, apparently without success.

Could it be that Kings Landing is being purposely ignored to a point that it will no longer be feasible to maintain while vigorously supporting Acadian history and culture?

The goal of some members of our present provincial government appears to be to eventually erase all traces of our English history and culture from the province.

While this is happening, where are our elected representatives for the southern part of the province?

Are they no longer allowed to lobby for their constituents or have they been instructed to sit down and keep their mouth shut?

It’s time we reminded our members that English speaking New Brunswickers supply seventy percent or more of the tax revenue to the province, therefore should be awarded at least equal representation.

What has been happening in this province for decades is nothing short of discrimination.

Ronald Bubar
Vice President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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