Federal Election 2015

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Oct 12, 2015

To the Editor,

With the federal election only a few days away it is surprising that there hasn’t been more letters on the opinion pages of the local news papers. No doubt many are using face book and twitter to vent their concerns.

With numerous issues at stake this election will make or break Canada as we know it.
For instance, most of the opposition parties are advocating the easing of restrictions on immigration creating a greater risk of terrorists gaining entry.

The Liberal party plans to revoke the Conservatives income splitting policy that will affect a large number of wage earners and retired seniors.

The Liberals and NDP advocate reinstating the controversial expensive long gun registry that will not only be a burden to tax payers but to the sporting industry and farmers. No doubt to appease Quebec.

The Liberal party, in particular are considering legalizing marijuana making it easier for young people to acquire, which in many cases leads to the use of harder drugs in the future.

Most, if not all the opposition parties would introduce a carbon tax on the businesses still left in Canada that are considered polluters, which will no doubt cause many to move to Mexico or China creating more unemployment.

The one most affected would be the Alberta oil industry which obviously cannot be moved.
We as voters must not forget, that is where the majority of revenue is generated that is paid to the federal government which in turn is distributed to the have not provinces in the form of transfer payments. Heaven forbid if this revenue were to dry up it would mean less money for health care, education and infrastructure.

The Liberal party would borrow billions of dollars creating another serious deficit which will keep adding to the national debt that must be paid back with interest.

On October 19th we must think clearly about our countries future before marking our X. For the sake of change we could be cutting off the hand that feeds us.

Ronald Bubar

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