Taxpayers Should Be Concerned

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Sept 21, 2015

To the Editor,

It’s time Canadian tax payers were concerned as to how many million dollars it is, and will continue to cost to conduct the ongoing Duffy trial in Ottawa. It reminds one of a group of preschool children on a playground arguing over who said what to whom. The leaders of other countries must be getting quite a chuckle from it.

Thanks to the opposition parties, this unnecessary expense has been siphoning needed revenue from important essential services such as health care, etc.

If Mr. Wright was willing to cut Mr. Duffy a ninety thousand dollar check to repay the government “we the tax payers” for what was, or was not claimable expenses, that should have been a private deal between those two parties.

The opposition parties have been using this trial as a smoke screen to cover up the fact that they have very little in constructive policies to offer Canadians other than pledge to reverse several tax breaks previously introduced by the current government. They are also in favor of introducing carbon taxes that will surely cause many of the businesses still left in Canada to pack up and move to China or Mexico, further reducing government revenue.

This $90,000 fiasco that is causing such a fuss in Ottawa pales in comparison to the SEVENTY MILLION dollar ATCON give away by the former N.B. Liberal Government. A failed deal of this magnitude warrants a full investigation as to where this money went, and if there is a possibility of recovering even fifty percent it would be a welcomed boost to the provinces coffers.

As for the upcoming Federal election, if we Canadians are naive enough to elect either of the two main opposition parties we had best be prepared for higher taxes and look forward for the DEBT and DEFICIT to balloon as it did in the P. Trudeau era, from eleven Billion to over one hundred billion.

Ronald Bubar

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