Gallant Not Responsible! Then Who Is?

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Nov 16, 2015

To the Editor

Citizens who value the future of this province should be concerned as to how these second language promotional groups such as parents for French as well as the office of the language commissioner and others, are structured to isolate the government from any controversy certain to arise from the drive to advance the use of the French language within government and beyond.

The most recent case being that of commissionaire Wayne Grant who was removed from his post at a government building and had his hours of employment reduced.

The language commissioner achieved her goal in removing a unilingual Anglophone from their employment to make way for a Francophone, thanks to the individual in charge who immediately jumped to fulfill her wishes.

The Gallant government has been denying any responsibility for the commissioner’s actions even though she was appointed by a committee of MLAs from all parties by the previous government.This is but one spoke in the wheel of official bilingualism that is costing this province over one billion dollars annually and continues to close the door to employment for thousands of unilingual New Brunswickers.

Another racist policy in existence in the province is the school bus segregation that was very aptly described in a letter on the editorial page of the Daily Gleaner November 7th , entitled “Unilingual buses are a form of Segregation” by author Hong Yan Shi.

Due to the recently reported dismal results of the existing French immersion program this situation is unlikely to change. Are many of the French immersion teachers not qualified to teach the language?
or was it designed to fail the English students from the beginning?

After over forty years of failure it has pretty much proven to be nothing more than an expensive smoke screen for the power broker’s real agenda of total minority control.

Preservation of ones own culture does not require contempt for other cultures.

Ronald Bubar VP
Anglo Society of N.B.

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