McKenna Promotes Immigration to NB. Wasn’t He Part of Cause For Out-Migration?

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Jan 18, 2016
To the Editor

In response to the January 12th article in the Daily Gleaner entitled “Former Premier Pitches Solution to declining Population” by Krissa Donkin.

In the article former premier McKenna promotes the escalation of immigration to help solve the population decline in New Brunswick. He has forgotten that he and his Liberal government of that time is partly responsible for the decline, by the strengthening of language laws, declaring an ever increasing percentage of government positions bilingual and the entrenchment of BILL 88 in the Canadian constitution, mostly to spite the then opposition COR party. Those actions, as well as that of the previous Hatfield government and others since, has escalated the out-migration of thousands of educated and talented young potential entrepreneurs who were not considered bilingual enough to be employed by their own government. Most of these families will never move back to this province once they have established a home and career elsewhere in Canada or abroad. Why would they?

One cannot help wondering who does the testing for bilingual positions. Could it be an individual or individuals educated in Quebec or France who frequently admit they do not understand the French language dialect spoken in N.B. and would prefer to converse in English? If so, that would explain why most English speaking applicants who have taken French immersion with high marks are still disqualified.

This process of elimination opens the door for an ever increasing number of jobs for individuals from Quebec while native New Brunswickers have little choice but to search elsewhere for meaningful employment. Considering what has been happening in the provincial bilingual job market, it would appear that this has been the plan by elite language power brokers since the inception of official “forced” bilingualism.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Ronald Bubar VP
Anglo Society of NB

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