He Can Serve in a War Zone but Not Work Here

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Letters to the Editor

14 Jun 2012 03:45PM
Re: Language and jobs

My name is John Lowther and I am a retired military medical radiation technologist with more than 29 years experience in the X-ray field.

I have been deployed to Afghanistan, Bosnia and was recently in Haiti after the earthquake devastated their country.

Serving as chief technologist on all these deployments, I’ve worked on NATO and coalition forces as well as with civilians.

Retiring in 2005 and relocating to Oromocto, I began working at Oromocto Public Hospital as an X-ray technologist, first as a casual and now as a permanent part-time employee.

Recently we had a full-time position become available but apparently I am not qualified enough to work at OPH as I do not speak French.

In the 6.5 years of working here, I have never had any problems being able to communicate with my patients.

A recent competition for this job went out to the technologists within the Horizon Health zone three area. There were four techs who applied for this position.

A tech with 20 plus years, one with 17 plus years, myself with 29 plus years and a tech with six plus years.

The tech with six plus years was awarded the position as she was French. She later turned down the position.

It is apparent that experience is not a priority. The position then should have gone to the tech with 20 plus years as she has the most seniority within the network.

But to slap us in the face a second time, Horizon Health decided to run another competition but this time, extend it to the rest of the province.

Apparently they had only had one applicant who happens to be French.

The closing date for this competition was the April 27. This tech, who was a student, did not write her final exam until the May 15 and is still awaiting results.

It seems Horizon Health has reserved this position for her and she will be starting a full-time position on the June 18.

I think it’s time that the language commission takes a hike as it only serves one language.

John Lowther

Oromocto, N.B.

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