L’Acadie Nouvelle reports “ACADIANS IN POWER”

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To the Editor,
The 2014 N.B. election has been all but forgotten, hopefully until the next scheduled for 2018.

It would be interesting to know how many of the electorate have considered, or even comprehended the demographics of this newly elected Liberal government, and as to how it could affect policy making for the next four years?

The English media was all but silent on the issue, yet the following day the provincially subsidized French newspaper, l’Acadie Nouvelle was quick to react with the headlines “Acadians In Power”.

For those who are unaware or have ignored the facts, the governing Liberals now have sixteen Francophone MLAs and ten Anglophone. It’s obvious the Francophone candidates were much more successful in getting the message out to their electorate encouraging block voting.

Considering this outcome we will be relying heavily on our opposition members to ensure fairness when passing new legislation, including equality for all in the job market.

It is common knowledge that during the past several years many New Brunswickers have had to leave the province to find meaningful employment in the western provinces and abroad due to the number of jobs unnecessarily being classed bilingual essential, many of which were, and are being filled with individuals from other provinces and countries.

This policy continues to affect mostly young families who would prefer to live and raise their children here in their home province of New Brunswick.

Will this be the government that musters the intestinal fortitude to reverse this discriminating policy? That decision will determine the future cultural and financial health of our province.

Only He Deserves Power Who Has The Wisdom To Use It Wisely!

Ronald Bubar VP
Anglo Society of N.B.

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