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Re: We’re Stronger United than Divided, Telegraph Journal, November 9th, 2012

It appears Mr. Losier, et al, want to stifle the media and want to see our right to free speech removed in an attempt to keep the masses in the dark regarding bilingualism/duality and the possible upcoming changes to the Official Languages Act.

I’ve followed the Telegraph Journal and Times Transcript language articles and have found two sides of a debate being given equal opportunity to express their views. They are opposing views, indeed! This is exactly the reason why our government needs to answer openly, with true facts and figures, all the questions being asked by the people.

1. What is the annual cost of bilingualism and duality?
2. What have bilingualism and duality contributed to NB financially over the last 40 years?
3. Who benefits and who does not benefit from bilingualism and duality?
4. Who is really paying for bilingualism and duality?

It is also imperative that all NB citizens understand the additional costs associated with the Acadian proposed changes to the Official Languages Act which are endorsed by Mr. Losier, and most of the signatories.

What will it cost:
1. To implement a new proposed Language Council
2. To implement and maintain the new bilingual signage, advertising and display laws on every business, group and association in NB?
3. For the Official Languages Commissioner to force compliance of the new language laws with his new power over the private sector?
4. For our judicial system to have to handle challenges, charges and hearings for infractions of the new proposed language laws?
5. To have separate French & English work units within government departments?
6. To create completely bilingual police forces?
7. To implement economic development based on language equality across our province?
8. To create and maintain dual healthcare systems?
And most importantly –
9. What impact will this have on our province? Will it drive more people and businesses out of NB or will it attract newcomers and new business opportunities?

The answers to these questions would allow all groups to work together to attain fiscally responsible and attainable goals without trampling on anyone’s existing constitutional rights. This province can no longer afford the “COST DOESN’T MATTER” attitude Mr. Losier, et al believe they are entitled to.

H. Wilkins
Keswick, NB

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