“Political Correctness Will Be Our Demise”

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Dear Editor,
In response to the August 5th. 500 word letter “biography” in the Daily Gleaner entitled “Mr. Glenn instead of fearing our differences, try embracing them” by Howard Stymiest

It is indeed encouraging to hear that his English speaking family “one of the few” has weathered the official “forced” bilingualism policy of N.B. for this long.

The many emails, phone calls and letters coming to our office on a regular basis indicate
that hundreds of other families have not been so lucky. Several will not reveal their names for fear
of losing their menial or part time government job that they have been able to attain but feel it necessary to make it known how they have been denied promotions or moved to a lower paying position to make way for a bilingual “most often a French bilingual person” to assume their position.

Clearly official “forced” bilingualism has and is discriminating against the majority.

I disagree that parents should take the blame for New Brunswickers under the age of forty
who have not become bilingual. The blame lies totally with past and present governments
for segregating students who should have been taught both languages together from grade one to graduation giving all students the opportunity to graduate proficient in both languages.
The system used now is designed to create an elite class of citizens and under the current
policy is unlikely to change.

I therefore fail to see how New Brunswick has gained financially or culturally with such a flawed
language policy.
Obtaining the minority vote at election time appears to trump fair and open governance.

“Political correctness will be our demise”

Matthew Glenn
President, Anglo Society of N.B.


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