Quebecer Complains About “Lack of French Signage in New Brunswick”

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To the Editor,

In response to an October 2nd letter to the editor published in the Daily Gleaner and the Telegraph Journal entitled “No Respect for Paying Customers” penned by Paul Arsenault of Quebec.

What right does he have to dictate how New Brunswick business owners display their signage, while his province has been declared officially French by a previous government outlawing outside bilingual signage even on highways.

He considers the lack of French signage at a particular place of business near Shediac N.B. as an insult even though the owner provides bilingual service.

Would it not be a gross insult to individuals from western Canada travelling east through Quebec “Still a Province of Canada” not being able to read highway signs, considering that nearly fifty percent of the approximately $20 BILLION dollars of revenue those provinces provide to Ottawa annually is passed on as transfer payments to that “so called” have not province?

Could it be he was subtly trying to garner the attention of the “French” language commissioner and, or the newly elected francophone premier?
The Anglo Society of N.B. constantly receives information from individuals concerning negative experiences while travelling in Quebec. Some mentioned purposely being given the wrong directions when requesting assistance, giving them the impression that unilingual English tourists are not welcome in that province. Would that not also be considered an insult?

If Mr Arsenault is so concerned about language issues, when he returns to his adopted province it would be noble of him to lobby the Quebec government for more minority language rights in THAT province, since in recent years the English language has been all but outlawed.

To pen an old phrase, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Ronald Bubar
VP Anglo Society of N.B.

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