The Francophone Minority Stacking the Deck Against The English Majority

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Dear Editor,

For the past several months concerned New Brunswick citizens have submitted letters to the editor and their MLAs pertaining to the 2012 official languages review currently taking place.

One might ask, where are all the informed and seasoned reporters on this important issue?
It would appear that they are either unwilling or have been warned not to report on the list of minority demands being proposed for approval by our elected representatives.

Another issue that should be of great concern, especially to the 70% English population is the demographic makeup of this select review committee.
It is blatantly obvious that the deck is stacked in favor of the minority with six, mostly seasoned francophone committee members representing 30% of the population with only four others including newly first time elected MLAs representing the 70% English speaking population.
Furthermore there are three individuals on the select committee whose job it is to choose which individuals and groups get the opportunity to present in front of the committee that are also francophones who have been staunch French language advocates for many years.

Previously two Anglophone MLAs “politely” tried asking questions on the cost of duplication and questioned as whether there were ways some things could be done more cost effectively. They were immediately muzzled and made to apologize for representing their constituents.

Recently some have suggested that if this review package is approved by our MLAs and isn’t fair for all New Brunswickers the electorate should make sure the Alward government is relegated to one term as was the previous Liberals. Obviously that would be an exercise in futility since all the old line parties march to the beat of the minority drum.
What is needed is a new provincial party whose leader would stand up for equality and fairness for all New Brunswick residents.
As a previous letter writer suggested, they would be deemed a hero and would most likely become our next premier.

Matthew Glenn, President
Anglo Society of N.B.

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