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Dear Editor,

After reading a letter in your news paper suggesting that PEI would benefit by becoming officially bilingual, I would strongly advise that your province “tax payers” avoid such a costly, divisive and discriminating policy. Our province of New Brunswick is a prime example of an Official “forced” bilingual province where very few English speaking citizens now qualify for a job in their own government.

Here in this province the French minority are no longer satisfied with bilingual services. They constantly demand French only schools, medical clinics, hospitals, government institutions, etc.

The cost of duplicating such services has all but bankrupt the province causing our government to take drastic cost cutting measures that will have a serious affect on us low and middle income earners.

I would advise your elected officials to witness our financial situation when this government brings down the 2012 budget.

Our provincial debt is now approaching TEN BILLION Dollars and the deficit nearly ONE BILLION .
If any of your politicians even suggest such a thing they should be tossed out of office at the first opportunity before it is too late as in N.B.

To find out just what affect, official “forced” bilingual has on a province or country one has only to read the book BILINGUAL TODAY- FRENCH TOMORROW by author J.V. Andrew. Copies are available at www.asnb.ca

My family and I have spent numerous summer vacations in your beautiful and friendly province and would hate to see it burdened with such a discriminating and costly policy.

We can avoid reality, but as we in N.B. have learned you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

Ronald Bubar

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