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To the Editor,
With the provincial election only weeks away it will be interesting to see if the political parties heed the fiscal cliff warnings from individuals such as Richard Saillant, a member of the Canadian Institute for research and public administration as well as members of the Canadian Tax Payers Federation, all warning against making financially irresponsible election promises.

We obviously need a reasonable standard of health care, education and highways, but officials should be taking immediate action to curb the abuse of government funds in many departments. Some have a much worse track record than others, without mentioning any particular one. This would go a long way in reducing the deficit. If those department heads are unqualified to do the job the minister responsible should replace them with someone who can.

We have yet to see an annual budget for Official Bilingualism “duplication”. Apparently there is no limit on spending and little or no means of tracking the cost since it is hidden within the operational costs of all departments. Recent government estimates claim around $750 million annually but there are those who dispute this and suggest that estimate is only the tip of the duplication iceberg.
Since our past and soon to be elected representatives dare not mention the “D” word for fear of being booted out of caucus it will be up to we the electorate to voice our opinions on such issues at the polls on September 22nd.

Freedom of speech and transparency are important components of a democracy that should never be ignored.

Ronald Bubar
Vice President, Anglo Society of N.B.

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