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Dear Editor,

Recent news articles have revealed the ever increasing need for food banks in New Brunswick.
It was reported that seven hundred more families used this service in 2011 than in 2010 of which
six thousand were children.

What a degrading situation for the province when there appears to be endless sums of tax dollars to support duplication and segregation.

One recent example being the high cost of providing translation services for every council meeting in the city of Fredericton which is approximately $2500.00 per meeting

The cities director of corporate services administrator’s recent report to council recommends changing the currant policy to “when service is required”. It was reported that the service has only been used twice in the past eight years which has cost $ 35,000.00.

If one were to multiply that by the number of provincial cities that have been following the same policy, the amount would be enormous. Why is New Brunswick silent on the issue?

Since we are now aware of the cost to cities, what is it costing our Provincial Government? Our MLAs get muzzled if they dare to question. As tax payers we have a right to know, or is it even possible to calculate?

All this wasted revenue for the benefit of a few, such as translators could be diverted to job creation that would benefit many reducing the need for the growing number of food banks.

This would also restore dignity to those who in many cases “through no fault of their own”
have to use the service.

We pay our elected MLAs high salaries and outrageous benefits to supposedly attract the best qualified. It’s time these individuals stood up for the majority tax payer instead of bowing to the demands of a few individuals with their hidden agenda.

You CAN avoid reality, but you CANNOT avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

Matthew Glenn, President
Anglo Society of N.B.

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