• Parents feel pressure over French Immersion decision (paid subscription)  
  • Justin Trudeau faces formal language complaints after French-only town hall

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on the receiving end of three formal complaints filed with the federal commissioner of official languages after speaking only French despite English questions at a town hall meeting Tuesday night in Sherbrooke, Que. Nelson Kalil from the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada confirmed that three complaints had been […more]
  • Justin Trudeau speaks only French at Sherbrooke town hall, despite English questions

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered questions ranging from local concerns about public transit to tabling new federal pot legislation at Tuesday night's town hall in Sherbrooke, Que., and he answered them all in French — because, he said, "we're in Quebec." A woman asked in English what would be done to help Anglo-Quebecers seeking mental health services when those services are only available […more]
  • NB opposition takes aim at early immersion program  
  • New French immersion enrollment numbers decline sharply  
  • ARANB launches GoFundMe Drive

    To Donate - Would it bother you to know that there are currently 110 vacancies for paramedics in New Brunswick, but that these positions aren't being filled because of a shortage of "Bilingual" paramedics?  That for the past three (3) years, unilingual paramedics in various sectors of the province, whether English or French, have been […more]
  • Justin Trudeau apologizes over French school comment – REPRINT

    Justin Trudeau has stepped into his first political minefield as a Liberal candidate, issuing an apology Monday for calling into question New Brunswick's separate French-language school system, one of his father's enduring legacies. Mr. Trudeau made his verbal faux-pas last Friday when he told a group of New-Brunswick professors that a single, bilingual education system […more]
  • Francophones see threat to future of French in Canada, survey finds

    Nearly three-quarters of francophones believe the future of their language in Canada is threatened. But just one-third of anglophones agree. That’s a key finding of a major national survey on perceptions of Canada’s two official languages commissioned by the Department of Canadian Heritage. According to the survey report, dated Nov. 3, 80 per cent of Canadians or more believe […more]
  • Parti Quebecois launches alternative campaign to Canada 150

    Vowing to bring “a little spice” to Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations, the leader of the Parti Quebecois launched an alternative campaign Friday to counter what he called the propaganda of the official events. Jean-Francois Lisee said the “Other 150” campaign isn’t designed to derail Ottawa’s party, but will “put holes” in the official narrative and […more]
  • Personality of the year 2016: Katherine d’Entremont (Translated by Google)

    Editor's note: In front of a government that did not hesitate to criticize it unfairly in the public square before finding after the late an infatuation for the bilingualism that still has to be proved and in front of members of the official opposition who went Until its removal and the abolition of its position, […more]
  • The Other Side of the Coin – Commentary by Sharon Buchanan – President of ARA

    The Other Side of the Coin ... A different perspective on bilingualism and language tensions Not in many years, and I would daresay never in my lifetime, has language been such a contentious issue in New Brunswick. I should know - I'm one of the leaders driving this bus. As the President of the Anglophones […more]
  • ME COMPANY Education in NB: Equal envelope includes $ 19.3 million over two years (Translated by Google)

    EXCLUSIVE - The egalitarian envelope provided by the Government of New Brunswick to catch up with the financing of francophone education system includes $ 19.3 million between 2016 and 2018. A study conducted in 2013 by Pierre-Marchel Desjardins, an economist and professor at the Université de Moncton, assessed the funds needed to ensure the equality […more]

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