• Understanding How You Ended Up With Those Handcuffs On

    The paramedic situation today is frustrating in lots of ways but more so , it is down right dangerous. It seems surreal that we have ambulances shut down in areas of the province, to hear stories about ambulances too late on arriving and to hear about accusations where people had died waiting too long for […more]
  • Amend the OLA

    Amend the OLA To include this statement: “ The action plan on government linguistic obligations shall include measures to ensure that Anglophones and Francophones are fairly represented in the civil service, crown corporations, police, courts, first responders, healthcare and education in proportion to their percentage in the general population” In 2013, the Official Languages Act […more]
  • Like It or Leave It

    The future holds some real challenges for the Anglophone community in New Brunswick. They are unilingual at a time when the French language has been elevated to the position of “critical” in the job market. This rise of the French language has changed the makeup of the work force so that today, the Anglophone community […more]
  • Dysfunctional Bilingualism

    There was a recent court ruling in Ottawa pertaining to language. The circumstances around this court case will give you an indication of how absurd the language reality has become. Andre Dionne was employed in Montreal with a financial division of the federal government called the “Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). In […more]
  • We Support Our Paramedics

    WHY? It’s a matter of priority. The process of recovering life is THE first priority, not company handouts, not culture , not language It’s a matter of respect. There is a reality that “value” from their work far our weighs the pay cheque. Is there money? You bet when it comes to pet government give […more]
  • Always Good to Open New Schools

    Always good to open new schools. Perhaps, Mr. Higgs will send us pictures. The Government of New Brunswick has just opened its first international francophone school in Tunisia, in partnership with a private company. Dubbed "Acadie", this French-language school built in Sousse, in the east of the country, officially opened this spring. It is headed […more]
  • Premier Higgs Wants to Hear From You!

    Listen to the video below. Mr. Higgs stated that no one should be denied a job or promotion on the basis of language. He wants to know if that is happening. Fourteen Anglophone paramedic’s recently wrote in a letter to the media stating it in fact had happened to them. If you know of someone […more]
  • Pull that Pendulum Back to Balance

    It is definitely interesting how one’s position in society at a given time affects how they view “fairness”. Historically, individuals or groups who enjoy dominate positions in society tend not to talk much about fairness. In this “push and pull” battle between French and English here in New Brunswick, how Anglos saw fairness back in […more]
  • The Fed is Their Shepherd. They Shall Not Want.

    Take the time to understand this program in the link below. It’s a ”2.7 billion dollar” give away, Action Plan for Official Languages (2018 - 23). It is based on a premise that two particular groups in Canada are deserving of this funding over the rest of us. Who are these groups? They are Anglos […more]
  • Do You See Any Bias Here?

    See any bias here? The Official Language Rights Expert Panel is composed of the following members: Thomas Maillet Emanuelle Richez Johane Tremblay Marie-Claude Rioux Gilles Levasseur André Poulin-Denis
  • Don’t Be Fooled

    According to The Pew Research Center, almost every country in Europe requires students as young as six to learn a foreign language, usually English. Even more impressive, over 20 European countries (including France) require students to learn two foreign languages in school for at least one school year. ””Just not in French immersion”” but rather […more]
  • Austin Reacts to Quashing of McEvoy Ruling

    Reporter: “So why won’t you introduce an amendment to the Language Act to do exactly what you’re describing?” Mr. Austin: “That may be what we have to do.” Reporter: “And a Charter amendment too?” Mr. Austin: “Whatever it takes.”      

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