• ARANB Election of Executives and Directors The Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick is seeking nominations for Executive and Director positions for future vacancies. Each position will have a two-year term with the exception of President. Please submit your nominations and/or your application to before September 16, 2019. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ­­­­ Brief Description of Positions […more]
  • ARANB Annual General Meeting – Sept 21, 2019

  • Enough: Official Bilingualism, Part 1 – How Pierre Trudeau Conned Canada, By Jock Andrew

    Well worth a listen for those who want to understand how we've gotten to this point with language issues plaguing our province and country. Chapters 1 to 3 of Enough! Written by Jock Andrews. Click on the picture to listen.
  • Government Funding, Finding a Fair Balanced Approach.

    For those of you English speaking folks not familiar with politics of language in New Brunswick, this is how it works. The very basic principle at play is that minorities deserve more because they are minorities and at risk of losing their language and culture. Now, most Anglophones accept this principle because of their sense […more]
  • I Read the News Today. Oh Boy!

    Our federal government has been hard at work developing more language regulations. The finalized amendments to the Official Languages Regulations, published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday, will create a new calculation method to determine whether there is sufficient demand for services in the minority official language, among other changes. They will also lead to […more]
  • The Mystery of the Conservative Party Personality

    The way bilingualism is being administered is discriminatory toward the English speaking community, and yet the Higgs Conservative party knowing this, is strongly stubborn in their support for the continuation of this status quo. It seems to be in their party DNA. It is a challenge to describe how puzzling this inaction is. Most people […more]
  • “Unjust” Language Laws

    “Neither persons nor property will be safe, where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them” Frederick Douglas The large majority of English speaking people in New Brunswick have no idea of how “unjust” the language laws are toward them. “unjust” ....... not based […more]
  • Understanding How You Ended Up With Those Handcuffs On

    The paramedic situation today is frustrating in lots of ways but more so , it is down right dangerous. It seems surreal that we have ambulances shut down in areas of the province, to hear stories about ambulances too late on arriving and to hear about accusations where people had died waiting too long for […more]
  • Amend the OLA

    Amend the OLA To include this statement: “ The action plan on government linguistic obligations shall include measures to ensure that Anglophones and Francophones are fairly represented in the civil service, crown corporations, police, courts, first responders, healthcare and education in proportion to their percentage in the general population” In 2013, the Official Languages Act […more]
  • Like It or Leave It

    The future holds some real challenges for the Anglophone community in New Brunswick. They are unilingual at a time when the French language has been elevated to the position of “critical” in the job market. This rise of the French language has changed the makeup of the work force so that today, the Anglophone community […more]
  • Dysfunctional Bilingualism

    There was a recent court ruling in Ottawa pertaining to language. The circumstances around this court case will give you an indication of how absurd the language reality has become. Andre Dionne was employed in Montreal with a financial division of the federal government called the “Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). In […more]
  • We Support Our Paramedics

    WHY? It’s a matter of priority. The process of recovering life is THE first priority, not company handouts, not culture , not language It’s a matter of respect. There is a reality that “value” from their work far our weighs the pay cheque. Is there money? You bet when it comes to pet government give […more]

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