• Step Right Up. Get Your One Way Ticket.

    A one way bus ticket “west” for young Anglos to seek a career. The information on the sheet shown below should give you confidence that your move is the right move. What it means is this: Anglos are disproportionately under represented (overall) in areas of employment governed by the Official Languages Act, specifically government departments, crown […more]
  • Inclusive? NO, Phony? YES

    Francophone leadership groups from across the country are working in partnership with the Trudeau liberal government to revise the national official languages act. Revision to that Act will have significant impact on all Canadians but Anglophone New Brunswickers have been intentionally ignored. And don’t think we don’t know how phony these federal consultations this year […more]
  • Fundamental Questions

    Fundamental Questions The following are a few basic questions at the heart of the French - English tension today. 1. Does it matter what percentage of government jobs are held by Anglos? 2. What percentage is a minimum Anglos should hold if any? 3.  Is there a system in place to ensure proportional participation by […more]
  • Pair Turned Away From Official Languages Act Anniversary

    Click below to read article in the Ottawa Citizen, May 28, 2019    
  • And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep

    And the Wolf Said Unto the Sheep There is a great benefit to our relationship. Introduction: (sorry, a little long) SANB (Acadian Society of New Brunswick) and a few complicit English organizations have commenced a propaganda initiative to exaggerate the value of bilingualism to New Brunswick. Their effort is to put lipstick on a pig […more]

    A fatal blind spot for Anglos is the importance of PARTICIPATION. In the early 1980’s the Francophone community was upset about their lack of participation in the civil service. The Hatfield government responded by establishing a royal commission to look into it. The Poirier Bastarache ( a two Francophone ) commission was established and recommended […more]
  • Premier Higgs Wants to Hear from You!

    Do Not Let This Go! Listen to the video below. Mr. Higgs stated that no one should be denied a job or promotion to a job on the basis of language. He wants to know if that is happening. Fourteen Anglophone paramedic’s recently wrote in a letter to the media stating it in fact had […more]

    IMPORTANT NOTICE:   As of January 17, 2019, ARANB has applied to the courts for Intervenor Status in the Ambulance New Brunswick Arbitrator's Review being heard on January 24th at the Fredericton Court House. Our Motion for Intervenor Status will be heard by Judge Denise LeBlanc on Tuesday, January 22nd at 9:30 am. We will keep […more]
  • $10G Challenge Thank you!!

    Happy New Year to All. We are pleased to announce our $10G Challenge fundraiser was a resounding success. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution. Without you, it can’t be done. It is very positive to see how our citizens understand and care about the situation of inequity and division in our province.  Together […more]
  • $10G Challenge

    $10G Challenge - Ends Jan 1, 2019 The Anglophone Rights Association has been presented with a financial opportunity that will allow for us to gain public exposure via media sources.  We need to let people know who we are, and what we are seeking..  Fairness and Opportunity within the province for all New Brunswickers  We have a passionate and dedicated couple whom have […more]
  • ARANB Letter to All Senators, MPs and Premiers

    November 26, 2018  To: All Canadian Senators, MPs and Premiers, Re: Comments and Objections to Bill S209 Amendments to the Official Languages Act As you may be aware, the Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages is conducting hearings on changes to the Official Languages Act. We have serious concerns regarding these hearings. We are the […more]
  • ‘We can’t let people die on the side of the road’: Gauvin

    John Chilibeck, Legislature Bureau, Nov 7, 2018   FREDERICTON • The only Tory francophone to win a seat in the provincial election says an accident he was in three years ago convinced him to support his party’s stance on ambulances, regardless of whether the paramedics are fully bilingual. Robert Gauvin said he was travelling with […more]

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