• $10G Challenge Thank you!!

    Happy New Year to All. We are pleased to announce our $10G Challenge fundraiser was a resounding success. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution. Without you, it can’t be done. It is very positive to see how our citizens understand and care about the situation of inequity and division in our province.  Together […more]
  • $10G Challenge

    $10G Challenge - Ends Jan 1, 2019 The Anglophone Rights Association has been presented with a financial opportunity that will allow for us to gain public exposure via media sources.  We need to let people know who we are, and what we are seeking..  Fairness and Opportunity within the province for all New Brunswickers  We have a passionate and dedicated couple whom have […more]
  • ARANB Letter to All Senators, MPs and Premiers

    November 26, 2018  To: All Canadian Senators, MPs and Premiers, Re: Comments and Objections to Bill S209 Amendments to the Official Languages Act As you may be aware, the Senate Standing Committee on Official Languages is conducting hearings on changes to the Official Languages Act. We have serious concerns regarding these hearings. We are the […more]
  • ‘We can’t let people die on the side of the road’: Gauvin

    John Chilibeck, Legislature Bureau, Nov 7, 2018   FREDERICTON • The only Tory francophone to win a seat in the provincial election says an accident he was in three years ago convinced him to support his party’s stance on ambulances, regardless of whether the paramedics are fully bilingual. Robert Gauvin said he was travelling with […more]
  • French an ‘asset’ but not the priority in hiring Fredericton police

    The Fredericton Police Force is trying to increase French proficiency among officers, but it hasn't been easy and it isn't the priority in hiring. "I don't want the language competency to drive the hiring process," Deputy Chief Martin Gaudet said. "I want the hard skills, the soft skills, the emotional skills of the individual to drive the hire." […more]
  • Francophone communities outside Quebec issue ultimatum in Ottawa (Translated using Google Translate)

    The Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA) in Canada is demanding concrete action from the federal government to improve the lot of Francophone minority communities and gives it until March 31 to do so. "It's been more than 27 months since this government came to power. Since then, we have had a lot of […more]
  • French-immersion students score much higher on English tests than core students Teachers spokesperson says streaming exists in provincial schools, despite inclusion policy

    Standardized test results released last week show wide discrepancies between students who are in French immersion and those who aren't, the president of the New Brunswick Teachers Association says. Ninety-four per cent of Grade 9 immersion students did well on their English-language assessments compared with 74 per cent of students in the core program. George Daley said […more]
  • Exclusive: Language rules hurting bus service – mom (paid content)  
  • Grade 6 students miss targets in science, math and reading – 2nd-language scores not budging

    New Brunswick Grade 6 students continued to struggle on standardized math, science and reading tests in 2017, according to results released Friday. But there was enough of an improvement over dismal 2016 results the Gallant government is calling the scores good news. "Your government is pleased to see improvements in literacy, math and science at […more]
  • A briefcase reveals the secrets of La Patente (Translated using Google Translate)

    The secret society of the Order of Jacques-Cartier, or La Patente, remains mysterious for many historians. A briefcase filled with documents dating from 1956 to 1965 has just been found in Grand Falls, in northwestern New Brunswick, and sheds new light on this secret group dedicated to the advancement of Francophones in New Brunswick. political […more]
  • 2nd Mistrial: Court still unable to find a bilingual jury

    WOODSTOCK: A second attempt at finding a jury for a murder trial has again ended in a mistrial. Kurt Andrew Hudnut, 28, and James Andrew Melanson, 21, are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Wayne Rattray in Tilley. The jury selection process began on Monday morning at the community room of the Ayr […more]
  • Bilingualism of the Moncton Fire Department: Complainer wins (Translated by Google Translate)

    An investigation by the Commissioner of Official Languages in New Brunswick may have consequences for all municipalities in the province The Moncton Fire Department must serve the public in both official languages at all times, concludes New Brunswick's Commissioner of Official Languages, following a complaint by a citizen who could not be served French during […more]

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