• Anglophone adults in Bathurst forge ahead en français

    Pauline Armstrong grew up in Bathurst and can understand her friends and neighbours when they speak French, but has a hard time having a meaningful conversation in the language, even after years of retail work. "It's in my head somewhere but some of the new words, I need to keep it fresh in my head," […more]
  • SANB calls on New Brunswick government to better defend Francophones

    The Société de l'Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB) proposes to Brian Gallant's government to take certain measures to better defend the Francophone community. The SANB will publish on Thursday a brief containing several proposals, including a proposal to increase funding for the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages. "We saw a loosening of the Gallant […more]
  • Francophone teachers association sues government

    The Association of Francophone Teachers of New Brunswick, which represents 3,000 public school teachers, is taking the provincial government to court over what it sees as grossly insufficient funding for French schools. "We're not asking for icing on the cake, we're asking for the full meal deal. We're asking for equality," said Lucie Martin, vice […more]
  • Gallant government abandons school bus duality court case

    The Liberal government is abandoning its constitutional court case on dual school busing and will instead leave decisions on student transportation to individual district education councils. It's a stunning reversal for a government that said last year it wanted the New Brunswick Court of Appeal to clarify whether dual bus systems for English and French […more]
  • Base has 90 civil service positions unfilled due to bilingualism requirements

    OROMOCTO: Recruiters at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown are looking for some good men and women. But not ones who wear uniforms. Base commander Col. Dan MacIsaac said the huge military training facility is searching for talented individuals to fill civilian positions. MacIsaac said the base has around 900 non-military workers and a 10 […more]
  • At the express request of New Brunswick

    At the express request of New Brunswick, sections 16 through 20 of the Charter apply to that province; however, for section 20, an important exception applies, i.e., the right to receive communications or services from any office of an institution of the Legislature or Government of New Brunswick in English or French is not subject […more]
  • New Brunswick School Transportation Sputtering

    Almost two years after the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) report Education on Wheels was released, New Brunswick decision-makers are still spinning their wheels. Few among the New Brunswick political class noticed that our report, released in January 2015, was subtitled Seizing Cost and Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Student Transportation. Instead of seizing the […more]
  • NB shouldn’t have turned to courts over bilingual buses: Former Supreme Court Judge

    " Former New Brunswick Supreme Court justice Michel Bastarache says the provincial government shouldn’t have turned to the courts with a question on the constitutionality of bilingual school buses, stating it wasn’t the province’s responsibility to do so. In an interview with the Telegraph-Journal, the longtime protector of minority rights also says that he didn’t […more]
  • A bag on the porch

    The provincial government has thrown in the towel last week in the bilingual bus folder. He gives up trying to convince the Court of Appeal to clarify its constitutional obligations. That's not all. Fredericton fate of the legs of school districts, who can now manage the school bus as they want. They are free to […more]
  • Dual busing system unlikely to see changes, say school districts

    The Gallant Liberals may have thrown the dual-school-bus controversy back to the province's seven school districts, but that doesn't mean English and French education councils will start sharing bus routes anytime soon. On Wednesday, the government abandoned its legal position that the Constitution requires it to provide two separate school bus systems, one for anglophone […more]
  • N.B. premier defends decision to abandon legal challenge on dual school busing

    Education and language are once again the focus in New Brunswick, following word on Wednesday that the provincial government is giving up on having the court rule on whether English and French students can travel on the same school buses. “The court made it pretty clear that they shouldn't be listening to this reference,” says […more]
  • Bill for School Bus issue now $114,000 – but Interveners may want costs (Paid Subscription)

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